Thursday, August 25, 2011

DInner at Robuchon

These are pictures of our amazing dinner at Robuchon. We are still talking about it several days later. The photos arent the most clear because its frowned upon to whip out a big 'ole camera so we covertly used our phone camera. I might also add that each table has a special little table of its own for your purse which I thought was very cool!

Amuse Bouche- Cant remember exactly what it was, some kind of egg custard with edible flowers.

My appetizer: Truffle langoustine ravioli with chopped cabbage- and I must say, one of the 3 best things Ive ever eaten!

Just a few items from the bread trolley. The trolley came with more than 30 varieties of fresh baked bread, served with the worlds best butter Echire, which was carved right off a huge block.
My favorite was the Gruyere puff!

David's entree was duck breast served with pan seared fois gras and Robuchon's famous mashed potatoes. If I were having my last meal, it would include these potatoes!

My entree was spiny lobster over a relish of capers, onion, olives and a light vinaigrette and topped with a lovely herbed cream sauce.

Dessert was a: Bubble sugar sphere filled with cheesecake mousse, fresh strawberries.

And finally, in case we weren't stuffed enough: mignardises, brought over on a huge trolley. We were encouraged to each choose 6 or 8 with the help of the chocolatier.

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