Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ds birthday dinner #1

Hubby gets two birthday dinners- one at the restaurant of his choice and one made by MOI. Last night we went to Julian for his the first of his dinners. If you watch The Next Iron Chef, you will be familiar with Chef Tio:

She is the owner and head chef of Julian.

Dinner started with fresh steamed mussels in white wine and herb broth.

D had "crispy pork shoulder" over mashed sweet potatoes. Too bad the photo didnt come out well. It was this sort of patty of fresh shredded pork flash fried until the outside was crisp. FANTASTIC.. there was also a tamarind glaze served over it which was AMAZING!

My entree was "sauteed beef over mushroom barley and crispy carrots. WOW! The beef was flank steak that had been cooked "sous vide" so it was perfectly cooked! I could have eaten an entire bowl of the mushroom barley!

Sadly, we gobbled our deserts before we could remember to take a photo but D had "BananaCotta" which was panacotta with bananas of course, topped with chocolate sauce. I had home made "chocolate pudd'n" sprinkled with a little sea salt.

The meal was amazing. The restaurant is TINY, TINY and we sat right in front of the kitchen so we could watch the chefs at work. Chef Tio was there and came by several times to chat with us and the other patrons. The atmosphere felt very much like we were eating in her home! It was very cozy and reminded us of some of the fabulous little places we ate at in Paris.

Lastly, here is a photo of Chef Tio and my hubby! He wasnt thrilled about me posting the photo because he shaved off his whiskers and noticed that his chin looks.. well... what ever....


A great time was had by ALL!

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